Brief History

More than fifty years ago the community of Lenasia and other areas in Johannesburg realized that they have a responsibility towards children with Intellectual disabilities in their community. It became their aim to educate and train these children on a structured basis and in an Organized manner. In the absence of any assistance from the State, community-based organizations, through the efforts of dedicated and caring individuals rendered day-care services. One such Organization was the Johannesburg Indian Social Welfare Association (JISWA) who opened a Day-Care Centre in Johannesburg in 1968. The Day-Care Centre started with only Eleven Children. The Lack of Suitable Premises added to the challenges of scarce resources, limited funds, personnel and equipment made survival extremely difficult. Despite the difficult times the Jiswa Day–Care Centre progressed well. The roll in 1975 stood at 33. The Centre was Registered on 19 December 1975 in the name of Jiswa Training Centre by the then Department of Indian Affairs.The approval of subsidies came only from 1st April 1977. This was indeed a Momentous Milestone in the History of the Centre.

The School has made great strides since its humble beginnings. It is currently situated at 9 Marlin Avenue, Extension 9 on an impressive ±3ha piece of land. It boasts top class facilities, specially designed to cater for the various needs of our special needs learners. Today it caters for 490 learners ranging from five to eighteen years of age. The School serves learners from the communities of Lenasia, Lenasia South, Ennerdale, Grasmere, Lawley, Fine Town, Weilers Farm, Orange Farm, Everton and Soweto.

The School’s Mission is to Provide a safe and happy atmosphere where each learner with severe intellectual disability can experience success in learning and training, human relations, and the development of the self as a person of worth and dignity.

The School’s Vision is to Excel in all of its multi-faceted fields of activities, to attain the qualities which are the hallmark of an outstanding special school and, more specifically, to establish an identity for every learner to attain the best chance of success in life.

The Name

Jiswa School has become synonymous with special education in the region. Its rich and colorful past is exemplified by its unusual name. Jiswa School has become a shining beacon of hop e for all learners with severe intellectual disabilities. The school has been in the forefront of special education, and proudly promotes the education and development of the learners, parents, staff and community. The name JISWA SCHOOL has huge significance and is an example of triumph even through the most trying times. We are proud to be a part of an organization that has its history deeply rooted in the immediate and surrounding communities.