Jiswa School is a school that caters for learners that have a primary disability of severe intellectual disability. Space permitting, admissions are on an ongoing process throughout the school year. Most of the enrollments are however done at the beginning of the school year. The enrollment process is strictly according to guidelines prescribed by the G.D.E (Namely, S.I.A.S process).

Application Process

All referring documentation must be submitted to the Relevant GDE District Office by his/her current school. The GDE will determine whether the learner is in need of placement at an LSEN school by carrying out Psychological Evaluations.

The GDE will request that the parents complete the DBE 123a form.

The GDE will Create a pack of documents which include:

  • SNA1/ SNA2/ SNA3 (SNA’s are not required for learners that have not previously accessed a formal school environment)
  • Reports from Professionals e.g. Psychologists (with LSEN number), Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Neurologists
  • Certified Copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Clinic Card
  • DBE 123a Form
  • An LSEN Number together with a Psychological Report will be Issued to The Learner.
A DBE 123b form will be signed off by each of these departments.

Should the learner be referred to Jiswa school for placement, the learner will be placed on the Jiswa School waiting list. The pack of documents will be submitted to Jiswa School by the DBST co-ordinator. Space permitting the parents of the learners will be contacted.

Once parents come in with all relevant documentation is completed, then Additional Documents may be requested by the school. The S.B.S.T will place the learner within the relevant age cohort/Grade.

The above is a summary, Please Refer to the Schools Admission Policy for the Complete Admission Process.