As part of our Extra-Curricular activities Jiswa School implements a marimba Program. Learners are introduced to the Program as early as 7 years old and are taught beginner skills in an exciting and interactive environment with the Pre-school Arts and Culture Program designed by Marimba-Worx for kids.

Jiswa School’s main band consists of learners between the age of 14 and 21 years old. Our band has participated and won awards at the annual International Marimba and Steelpan Festival. In 2016 they obtained first place in the Special Schools category and they continue to move on from strength to strength. In 2019 they won a prize in their category. They have also participated at various events such as the “Sounds of Celebrations” Concert hosted by Education Africa as well as played at the Johannesburg Central District Awards Ceremony.

Marimba is a fun and interactive way for our learners to build their confidence while demonstrating their unique talents, they have performed at many other prestigious events. The learners and educators put in many hours of practice and the rewards are evident.

At Jiswa we strive in highlighting the learner and their potential. We hope to continue in letting our learners achieve success through different mediums of education.