As an LSEN School, we understand the inherent nature of our learners, a platform on which they can excel, is on the sports field.

Therefore, at Jiswa School we continually ensure that we provide ample opportunities to develop our learners in various codes of sport.  We have a well-structured sports plan, drawing on the expertise of strong sport coaches which comprises of both educators and teacher assistants.  We offer the following sports codes such as athletics, football (boys & girls) netball, floor hockey, ice skating, swimming, golf, volleyball, soccer – a special needs code which includes physically challenged learners.  We are also in the process of introducing basketball at the school.  The codes are timetabled and training occurs on a weekly basis.  Learners are encouraged to participate in more than one code, in this way learner talent is identified.

Jiswa School is also affiliated to Special Olympics South Africa (SOSA).  Our learners participate regularly with other LSEN Schools.  Learners have also had the opportunity of competing on a provincial, national and international level.  We are proud to acknowledge four International medals received from our learners so have competed in the Special Olympics Summer and Winter Games.  These medals were achieved for swimming, athletics and ice-skating.

Happiness to any child is bringing a smile to their faces and providing opportunities for them to excel.  This is what we do at Jiswa School as we breathe life into our mission with each day that goes by.