The Jiswa School Therapy Department Consists of a Dynamic Team of The Following:


A Speech Therapist Aim is to Assess, Diagnose and Treat Speech, Language, Social Communication and Cognitive Communication Skills. Therapy includes a variety of activities in individual and group settings to enhance the learner’s communication skills. The speech therapist works closely with the class teacher on underlying skills learners need for improved communication.

Audiologists Assists to identify learners who have hearing difficulties and obtain and provide hearing aids and strategies for improved listening and communication skills in the school.


 An Occupational Therapists Aim is to Develop the Basic Social, Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills. Therapy strives to integrate these skills as to enable learners to achieve their maximum potential.

The Occupational Therapist focuses on:

Gross Motor Skills Postural Tone and Control, Co-ordination, Bilateral Integration, Motor Planning, Ball Skills, Hopping Skills etc

Fine Motor Skills Hand Muscle Strengthening, Normalization of Muscle Tone, Pencil Grip, Control and Writing Ability etc

Visual Perceptual Skills, Sensory Motor Integration, Social Skills, Self-Care, Prevocational and Vocational Skills are Also Targeted.

Occupational Therapists also assist learners to acquire the necessary Assistive Devices e.g. Eating Aids, Mobility Aids, Visual Aids to function as Independently as possible.


A Remedial Therapist main aim is to bridge the gap between where the learners currently function academically and where they should be. Therapy focuses on various aspects of learning, namely, phonics, listening skills, comprehension, language skills and numeracy skills.

Remedial Programs that offer students special one-on-one attention are much more in demand. Many students today find it difficult to sit down and stay focused in class because the delivery of traditional lectures does not grasp the attention of all learning types. Many public schools today will mainstream remedial programs into the class offerings and teachers typically need nothing more than the average certificate and smaller class sizes. Taking courses to learn special remediation skills and methods can be helpful for educators to deal with common learning problems.


Professional Nurses assist with preventative and rehabilitative nursing by attending to the medical, nutritional, physical and hygiene needs of all learners at the school. While these nursing fundamentals are the most important components of the practice, nurses today are expanding their role as caregivers.



Multi-Disciplinary is an Important Part of the School Based Support Team. The S.B.S.T. which includes the Principal and the School Management Team Members meet once a week to discuss admissions and other issues related to learners, e.g. behavior and social issues. Interventions and referrals are suggested at this forum.


Social Workers offers Counseling and Support to Learners and Parents to ensure Their Personal and Social Well-Being.

The Jiswa School Therapy Department has a Multi-Disciplinary approach, Therapists often work together using different approaches to achieve similar goals. All the Therapists at the school are Part of The School-Based Support Team (SBST).